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                   'A letter from me.' - Lee Turner

My company provides specialist live performance filming in theatres, studios, open air events, arenas,on location, etc, and I’d like the opportunity to film for you. When a passion and a hobby combine you get dedication for quality and if you have a need for a film crew then  why not give us a call. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect from us.


Who am I?

Hi, I'm Lee Turner. I have a degree in Product Design and am a career professional now working freelance as a Design and Technology teacher and a digital media producer.


How did it all begin?

Both my daughters went to dance classes from the age of two or three and I have been following the Regional All England Dance festivals for over 20 years. In recent years my youngest daughter has become a National Champion and a World Champion bringing home gold and silver medals for 'Team England' at the 'Dance World Cup'. She's now a graduate of the prestigious Bird College'.


So you might be wondering how did the filming start?

Around 15 years ago, my Production Manager Paul Hammond was still a student at University studying film and video production before graduating in performing arts. He offered to film the dance show at my daughters school. He did a great job of it however it was a bit of fun at the time without any obligations. Paul was asked to film another show however due to commitments was unable to do it. I remember saying, that's no problem, i'll do it. After all, how hard can it be? That was 2008


What happened next?

Dance Vision UK is a company that like many companies started from humble beginnings. It's a rare event when a group of people come together with exactly the right skills, passion and experience however that's what exists at Dance Vision. As demand for filming grew so the network for the Dance Vision team grew until now where it brings together many years of experience in a range of specialist fields. I'm an experienced designer who spent over 10 years designing and installing the specialist furniture tailored for the trading floors of banks and building societies across Europe. In my 30's I decided to move careers into education where I have been now for over 15 years

teaching Design and Technology. My production manager has performed in theatres, managed  and worked in entertainments teams for holiday parks and even had a weekly slot on radio, My first cameraman is actually a fully qualified traditionally trained blacksmith who has designed and worked on film scenery most notably creating the complex water tanks for the movie Waterworld with Kevin Costner. my second cameraman has returned to University to get a piece of paper that says what I already know. How amazing he really is with setting up events with staging, lighting and sound. And the team is still growing.


So why use dvuk?

What makes my company unique is that we can provide multiple cameras so that the performances can be viewed from the best angle. With our simplified packages we are confident that we can provide the best possible solution and maintain value for money.

Dance Vision UK has completed filming countless shows, musical theatre productions and live studio performances from various unsigned singing artist and bands.

Dance Vision Ltd officially launched on 1st September 2012 offering to provide television broadcast quality filming to local dance and performing arts schools manufacturing DVD's for sale to teachers, parents and friends using the latest in high definition professional camcorders and authoring equipment. We can also offer alternative formats for uploading onto websites or incorporating into corporate PowerPoint presentations. DVD's are designed and planned with easy to follow menu systems so that chapters are easy to find and include enhanced audio mixed through professional editing suites. Filmed in 1080i for True-HD for DTV (digital television) broadcasting.

Since then, just two years ago we have been asked to film open air festivals, competitions, Weddings and Christenings, produce showreels and documentaries that we can no longer say that we are just dance show film makers.


Why choose us over our competition?

As an experienced designer dealing with customer needs is second nature to me. It must be my ability to separate what I think looks good between understanding what really works as an end product for a client. For example there are some wonderful tricks and effects at my disposal along with

selecting what is sometimes a visually amazing film shot however the reality is they usually detract from the main objective of filming. For example, A dance performance is about two primary objectives.

Capturing the whole dance, including hands and feet. (I've seen so many videos that chop them off)

Making sure the customer can see what they're paying for. That basically means if your child is in a performance then you simply want to see them as much as possible.

Achieve this and everything else falls into place.

This concept of identifying what our customers want to see I believe is why the company has been asked to expand its repertoire. After filming a family wedding that was seen by others, the demand simply grew.


How much does it cost?

Every service has clearly defined pricing and packages to make it as easy as possible but at the end of the day, phone us for a free quote. We are not claiming to be producing film work with the budget available to someone like Ridley Scott however modern technology is so advanced now that what we are proving is that with a little dedication and passion you can create almost anything with what you have.


What else do we do?

Our new website design is being developed to make it easier to select and book the service you need. The reality is, if it wants filming, we can film it. We have even got our hands on an unpublished book that we plan to produce although that will have to wait until we produce our own performing arts festival.


Our Vision Is You.

We believe that we have the expertise, passion and dedication to create amazing film work that meet all your needs. Tell us what you need and we will develop it within our services. Our vision is to provide the most comprehensive support so that you no longer have to search for answers. Read the latest news to see what new ideas are being concidered. Sign up to our facebook and twitter pages and become part of our network of friends. Join the Dance Vision family today.